An Analysis of Peace Corps Timelines

Since I have a half-day, I’ve been able to put together a graphic showing an assortment of Peace Corps timelines that I found when reading various blogs across the internet.

I threw out some of the timelines that weren’t complete, and ended up with a total of 17 that were usable. I tried to make the plot as accurate as possible, but in a couple instances I made some simple assumptions. For timeline entries written “July 2008” for instance, I assumed July 1st. For now, I’ve only collected the data that I wanted, but in the future it would be nice to add a little more detail to the chart (the time for med. packet submission to med. clearance, for example). Click on the image below to enlarge.

I collected timeline data from the following sites (posted in the same order as in the plot):


3 thoughts on “An Analysis of Peace Corps Timelines

  1. My timeline was SUPERSPEEDY in comparison.
    Sept 2, 2006- Submit application (took me 1-2 weeks to fill it out)
    Oct 13, 2006- Interview and nomination (same day)
    Oct 24- Medical packet arrives
    Nov 6- Sent in medical packet back
    December 12 or 13- Medical clearance and invitation sent
    March 6, 2007 – in country!

  2. This page was helpful. I actually really loved with me.
    That I desire to have to look portray a few more games than I normally might and as not
    among the most productive thing I have ever done but regardless thanks!

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